There is no way to talk about efficiency, precision and the sustainable development of agribusiness without thinking about technology. An important step in this direction was taken in 1990, when the Global Satellite Positioning System began to assist fieldwork. Without limitations due to rain, dust, fog or darkness, it became possible to perform, for example, crop planning, machine steering with accuracy, inspection and harvest mapping.

Agricultural aviation was not left out, with the adoption of GPS and elimination of human beacons, the processes gain even more agility, reduction of operational costs and respect to the environment, after all, they also reduce the failures or excessive applications of products. The tool became essential throughout the world for a more rational aerial application of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides, settlement of lakes and rivers with fish, reforestation and firefighting in fields and forests.



agnav-figura-2In Brazil, the use of this important instrument for agricultural flights began in the late 1990s, when work on the air began to count on the pilot’s guidance and guidance on the area of application. Accurate monitoring of yield data through the reports at the end of each job is also possible, which allows for more assertive planning of specific areas of the crop. The combination of this precision technology and the versatility of the helicopter to work in the field has been generating great results. The GPS currently used on rotating wings in the country is from the internationally known Canadian company called AGNAV.






The brand uses the Linux operating system, meaning no license fees, no need for anti-virus software, and no regular updates like Windows operating systems. Present in more than 40 countries on all continents, the Company was born from a group that has been working with GPS-based equipment since 1985. For agricultural aviation they have developed specific electronic beacon systems such as AGNav-guide Silver, Gold and, more recently, the Platinum, plus important accessories like the flowmeter Ag-Flow.





agnav-figura-4AGNav Silver & Gold

System composed of screen with built-in CPU, External or Internal Light bar, Dual Band Receiver radio, antenna and wiring. With 6.5 “LCD screen, Linux operating system, USB and HD input from 512MB to 4GB, the AGNav Silver & Gold meets all the needs of a high-quality electronic beacon systems.

The aeronautical use wiring is composed almost entirely by teflon cables with high resistance shielding to cut damages and noise from the aircraft electrical system. Another hallmark of AGNAV beacon systems is its high-performance, signal-quality radio receiver. The P500 Receiver Radio features a casing with high shock and noise resistance aluminum and an excellent moisture seal and metal connectors for military use.





AGNav Platinum

Like the predecessors, the Platinum system was designed as a single unit, so there are no components adding weight or taking up valuable space on the aircraft. The pilot navigates through the menus easily using the bright 8.4 “touch screen interface. Memory cards are no longer needed because the system comes with a 8GB to 64GB hard drive. With wireless, 3G and Bluetooth, file transfer is fast and transparent, and communication is available whenever needed.

The Auto Boom technology in the Platinum Guide eliminates the concern and responsibility of turning product output on and off. Auto-booms can accommodate exclusion and application zones with varying doses. The Platinum Guide fits all aircraft, whether airplanes or helicopters.

The new Platinum system has the option of adding video cameras. The video is geo-referenced and can be recorded directly to the hard drive for future verification. The Platinum system can use up to four cameras simultaneously that can be used to record data during the application, to mark a reference point or even to display interesting data of the flight dynamics. It can also be used for safety as in refueling or product verification.



agnav-figura-6Ag-Flow – Flow controller: liquid or granular
The Ag-Flow liquid control system has a quick and easy calibration process. This automatic flow control system for aerial and ground applications is designed to ensure continuous application and distribution of products without the need for monitoring. Automatically adjusts the flow taking into account the application parameters. The valve is positioned in the right place to give a better product outlet range through the application bars. With an autonomous system, the controller has its own GPS system for instant positioning and speed information. Application data is entered via a touch screen and the installation process is one of the easiest on the market. The granular flow control system works exclusively with the Isolair Podcaster system for helicopter with double tank. The flow control is simultaneous in both tanks, making the spraying of spray granules perfect and constant.





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