About us

School and Training Center

Civil Aviation School

The Climb Flight School is composed of high qualified and experienced instructors, that work in several areas within the helicopters operations in the company. In an area of over 750,000 sqft, we provide all the necessary resources to basic and advanced training for helicopter pilots. We have two new Robinson R22 Beta II aircraft, equipped with BOSE A20 headphones, the new panel with Aspen 1000, Garmin GTN650 and GMA350 audio box with Marker Beacon to IFR training. Our approved simulator AATD has the same panel of our training aircraft with Aspen 1000, Garmin and the agricultural AGNAV equipment.

Training center

  • Short Line Class B – The pilot, who has to be at least a PCH, receives the external cargo transport training carried out on the Robinson 66. The pilot is allowed to work, for example, in the air transport of external loads , in the aviation advertising and in the dispersion of solids of the agricultural aviation for who is PAGH.
  • HMNT Transition – This training is intended for conventional single-engine helicopter pilots who are interested in pursuing a career with a turbine engine. Climb’s CTAC is a pioneer in Brazil in R66 and the transition is made using this machine that has the best cost benefit.
  • ASHI-Americam Safety & Health Institute international training for crew members. Led by specialists with more than ten years in the market, the training is done in a personalized way and taking into account aviation safety procedures.

Specialized Aerial Services (S.A.E.)

Cargo Hook

We are able to work with Cargo Hook, a fixed device located below the helicopter that allows the transportation of external loads during the flight. Those operations are still under certification, and will allow to carry heavy loads, spraying solids and granulates as well as aerial advertising.

Air Combat Fire

There is no natural physical phenomenon more devastating than a fire, and in a major combat, specialized aircraft can ensure, for example, the safety of entire cities or the conservation of environmental reserves. This is one of the work fronts that Climb carries out and, as required by the regulations, its pilots are currently the only ones with PAGH training in addition to training for fire fighting.


This advertising and advertising operation can be done by towing banners, advertising banners or fixing patches or paintings on aircraft.


Somos regulamentados para voos destinados a obtenção de fotografias ou vídeos.

Inspection and Overflight

With the help of GPS, in the inspection flight we identified and mapped critical points in the crops for greater efficiency in agricultural spraying.

Agricultural Aviation

Our company is mainly focused in agricultural spraying with rotorcraft. We brought a successful model inspired by the American used in Imperial Valley, California. Furthermore, we have many new features to deliver to this sector. The incomparable helicopter ability to apply chemicals at low speeds and maneuverability in the field under adverse topography makes it the most suitable aircraft for aerial spraying work in this new era of environmental awareness.


Other Services

Bell Helicopters Maintenance

We are also certified for maintenance of Bell helicopters: Models: Bell Canadá and Bell USA 205A-1 | 206B | 206L-3 | 206L-4.

Robinson R22, R44 and R66 Helicopters Maintenance

Our Helicopter Repair Station is certified to operate approved under certificate number 1504-41 / ANAC and provides the Brazilian civil aviation market with a service always focused on safety and quality.


We have an exclusive area for aircraft storage service ready to receive and keep your aircraft. All care and pride that the owner has for its aircraft, the same we have for our customers and their property.

Sale of spare parts and aircraft

We sell aircraft spare parts and engines in Brazil. In addition to all the Robinson helicopters models, we have the best prices for helicopters and aircraft of all makes and models. We seek the best opportunities and options to meet with our customers’ needs.

Import of Aeronautical Equipment and Parts

We are AGNAV authorized representatives in Brazil and Robinson authorized maintenance center with sale of parts of the whole line. We distribute parts of aircraft and engines throughout the country.