AVIDYNE TAS-A-600 is perfect for helicopters operating in high-traffic areas or areas without radar coverage. The system is compatible with the R66 and Aspen EFD100H panel, installation certificate, services and materials included. Get the best of the safety technology embedded in your aircraft.

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The Climb Civil Aviation School has amazing deals for all pilot courses. Don’t miss the opportunity and register for your course or pilot license revalidation.

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Expand career possibilities on a budget.

We have prepared a new training for you that is already PCH! The External Cargo - Shortiline Class B course, held at Robinson 66. With this training, the pilot is allowed to work in the transportation of external loads using cable, connecting the hook of the helicopter to the load.

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AGNAV Partnership

AGNAV customers can now count on a new representative in Brazil. In partnership with the Canadian brand, we started to offer the complete product line in an easy and uncomplicated way.


Maintenance Magnets

Always committed to safety and high performance, Climb Aircraft Division homologates the service that includes preventive, corrective and overhaul maintenance. At a complete maintenance center, certified by Robinson Helicopters, we performed the review of 20 and 200 series magnets with dedicated staff, aiming for maximum agility in delivery with high quality. Keep Your Climb Positive!

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Important features of helicopter crop dusting: Weather: The helicopters are allowed to operate in more restricted weather conditions than airplanes. Night Applications: The ability of the helicopter to fly at low altitude in reduced operating speeds, equipped with night navigation

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Climb Aircraft Division offers a variety of aviation services.
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School and Training Center

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Specialized Aerial Services (S.A.E.)

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